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The story so far...

Mr. Stephen Kisanga  
After being in the IT field for over 13 years, I felt in love with wildlife. During my early visits to the Tanzania National Parks to gather information and photographs for my web site clients, I strongly got attached to the wildlife and the whole scenery. The next thing I know is a got enrolled in wildlife course immediately and the next thing I know I was already driving my own first safari with some Australian tourists.

Early in February 2007 I did a fantastic trip, one of the best of time, a 6 days safari with some fantastic friends from USA. I call them THE EXPLORERS Wendy, Gail and Linda. We had such a great time and laughter's through the whole safari, we wanted it to go on and on. At the end of safari they really inspired me to start my own company. The name PUMBA was not hard to guess as the warthog was one of our favourite animal during the whole safari.

Have been living in Sweden for over 9 years during my studies, I am fluent in the language and the Scandinavian culture. Mainly tourist I arrange safaris are mostly from Scandinavian counties and also else where around the world.

This web site has been nicely and carefully put together to guide you through an experience which began from logging into our site. The safaris we offer haven't come about from reading a magazine or copying from other tour opera tors web site, we know what we are doing and we ar econfident in our services we provide.

The type of experience we offer comes from an understanding of what is possible in any given time. If it's climbing a mountain, then we have experienced the difficulty in altitude sickness and breathing but have seen and rejoiced the reward from the roof top of Africa (Mt. Kilimanjaro 589m).





Please let us lead you on the path to your perfect holiday.


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