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There is so much to do and see in Tanzania that we have given you a brief taste of what you might expect to find when visiting a particular park. When planning your trip, try and build in a few rest days as opposed to go go go; it's always tempting to do too much and move on to the next park. If you stop and pause for a moment, the beauty of these special places begins to unfold before you...

Why Pumba Safaris?

 It is our aim to provide you with the experience of a lifetime in Tanzania. To ensure this all personal itineraries are carefully planned in accordance with your individual requirements. You may consult our team to make alterations to your itineraries or ask any questions.

Pumba Safaris and Adventures Ltd. guarantees:

  • Fast, Personal responses to enquiries
  • Expert, English Speaking Guides
  • Superb Safari Food
  • Quality Service

It is our aim to provide you with the experience of a lifetime in Tanzania. To ensure this all personal itineraries are carefully planned in accordance with your individual requirements. You may consult our team to make alterations to your itineraries or ask any questions.
If you have any questions
contact us


We can help you put together a safari in a way that the last week’s adventures will come back to you on warm evening breezes as the savannah bushland falls away to the dizzy heights of Kilimanjaro. A beach and wildlife safari should at least be 12 to 16 days or more (click here for an example). If you are thinking of popping Kili in there as well.

Each category below contains a glimpse in to your African experience. There is the weather however; during rainy season some of the more remote destinations may not be accessible due to flights and lodges being closed throughout that period. It will always be possible to head out on a safari but road conditions in the parks can quickly change, you will then see why we drive 4x4 vehicles!

The real adventure experience.

Tanzania can be broadly divided into two main areas for safaris. These have been dubbed the Northern and Southern Circuits. The north is famous for parks like Serengeti and Ngorongoro, featured regularly in TV documentaries. The south is wilder and much less touristy, especially in parks like Selous and Ruaha where you get a real feeling of the vastness of the african bush.

In addition to these two classic big game safari circuits there is also the Western Circuit, famed for Gombe and Mahale parks, the home of Chimpanzee viewing.

It is possible to combine all three circuits in one incredible adventure. For this we would recommend allowing several weeks to really get the benefits of each unique location. [more...]







    Through-out the year:

    • Lake Manyara National Park and Ngorongoro Crater are good all year round.
    • Tarangire National Park is excellent from mid-July to January (Christmas!!). During the dry season, the elephant population booms due to the abundance of water in the Tarangeri river. The grass is short enough for good game viewing.
    • In Serengeti N.P., as a rough guide, the big herds are in the North from mid-July to end October; in Central Serengeti from November to December and May to Mid-July and finally in South Serengeti from January to June.
    • Arusha National Park is a little more limited in that it doesn't have large numbers of game but it has the rewarding benefit of being able to make walking safari's. It is scenically very impressive and good all year.
    • Kilimanjaro climbs can be done through-out the year but take caution at the end of March to the end of May which are the wet months.




The sheer vastness of southern Tanzania makes for some spectacular game viewing and superb African vistas. An additional benefit of a visit to the southern circuit is the remoteness of the location, which means that most visitors rarely see another car during their long game drives. Whereas wildlife and big game are the focus of the northern circuit, a trip to the parks of southern Tanzania allows visitors to learn in-depth knowledge about complex ecosystems and diverse living creatures that are usually skimmed over in more crowded areas. A visit to the southern circuit is a trip into an unexplored and wild Africa.

On the southern Swahili Coast, the little-visited old town Mikimazi is a good base for diving explorations and trips to the abandoned ruins of the ancient Swahili trading post. The old German boma in Mkomazi is also a historical site of interest.

To compliment your African Safari a trip to the Tanzania Coast and the Zanzibar Archipelago is a must. These islands offer crystal seas and sun bleached white sands making a Zanzibar Holiday and Idyllic place to unwind and relax. The palm fringed coast line looks out over the warm turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean.

Other beach places such as:


Peponi Beach Resort
Peponi is the ideal base from which to explore this region of East Africa. There is a regular bus service from Tanga and Pangani. To the west are the Usambara Mountains with their amazing views, rains forests, and the Amani Nature Reserve. The Tongoni Ruins, a 10th Century mosque with the largest collection of tombs of their type in East Africa, are just down the road.  [....more....]

Bagamoyo (60Km from Dar Es Salaam City).

There are some secrets which are still well kept and the South beach of Dar es Salaam is one of them. Miles and miles of unspoilt and undeveloped white sandy beaches.


The trekking and walking in Tanzania is very under rated and little explored. Pumba Safaris can bring you closer to these remote and beautiful areas; ‘The real Africa’. The different areas that we visit can be just Km's from Arusha town or pass through great Maasai lands. Usually one of the guides will be Maasai; this in fact breaks down any barriers when arriving at traditional dwellings. For some tribes people, it could be there first encounter with white faces. For anybody who is looking for a varied safari several days spent walking in between a driving safari is the best combination. [more...]

Cultural tourism involves insight into the modern and traditional lifestyle of these once, very nomadic people. Pumba Safaris consider it a very important part of any of our packages to at least spend a few hours roaming around a local market place, or take a visit to a traditional dwelling. You don't have to feel as if you are intruding too much into their private lives, our guides are trained in a way to conduct each encounter so that it becomes equally interesting for both parties. Once a clear understanding of this idea is held by both parties, all barriers fall to the floor and are lost in the dust. [more...]


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