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Trekking and Walking

The trekking and walking in Tanzania is very much under-rated and little explored.  Pumba Safaris & Adventures can bring you closer to these remote and beautiful areas; ‘The real Africa’.

The different areas that we visit can be mere kilometers from Arusha town or pass through great Maasai lands. Usually one of the guides will be Maasai; this in fact breaks down any barriers when arriving at traditional dwellings. For some tribes people, it could be there first encounter with white faces. For anybody who is looking for a varied safari several days spent walking in between a driving safari is the best combination.

After some days of trekking and camping out under milky way skies, one of our vehicles will collect you from a given point, and deliver you to the comfort of hot showers and clean sheets. Listed below are some of the famous treks and climbs.

We do have a few special areas that we like to keep (special areas) but if you are looking for that mixed itinerary, that can include walking to different camps, mountain biking through rolling hills with donkey trains ambling along side you then we have something in our safari mixing pot for you.

Read on below on everything Mount Kilimanjaro N.P. has to offer, or go directly to Mount Meru, the Ngorongoro Conservation Area, the Pare Mountains or the Usambara Mountains.

And if you decide climbing is the thing for you, why not have a look at our sample itineraries on climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro, Mt. Meru or the Northern Highlands tour.

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Mount Meru, Arusha National park

  One of the most rewarding mountains to climb in Africa, usually done as a pre-climb to Kilimanjaro. If you are thinking of trekking up her slopes to the summit 4566 meters, allow four days as opposed to the three. The three day option will leave you feeling tired and sore for a day afterwards, being as you head to the summit and then ascend to the park gate in one day. It's a lot of down hill for anybody so why not take it easy and enjoy the mountain while you can. It's a very unique place and to see game even above 2500 meters, well it's a treat. The 4 day option gives you the freedom to drop down part way, then continue the following day for a easy descent through the mystical rain forest.

Mount Meru has mountain cabins to stay in so need to carry tents and have a whole herd of porters trooping behind you. Walking safaris are permitted inside the park with a park ranger and a ranger will also accompany you to the summit of Meru. Pumba Safaris & Adventures has some varied itineraries which can include daily walking safaris around the lower reaches of Mt Meru and Kilimanjaro. These are designed to give a taste of culture combined with pleasant day walks and have the advantage of returning to the comfort of varying lodges as you move in a given direction.

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Ngorongoro Conservation Area "Crater Highlands Trek"


This whole area has to be one of the natural wonders of the world. Venturing into a land that time seems to have forgotten about. Free your mind, body and soul as you journey through a place walled by mountain escarpments and littered with wild ancient volcanoes. If you are looking for the journey of a lifetime and the ultimate experience then a walking safari through the highlands area is for you.

There are many variations for a “Crater Highland Experience”; all our itineraries can be customized according to your wishes. Most treks take 4-6 days for highland walks, which is rated moderate walking. The option to climb Odoinyo Lengai is to be undertaken by experienced walkers only. It's extremely steep on the last third and involves 5-6hrs of steep uphillclimbing whilst going back down is pretty interesting as well.

Pumba Safaris & Adventures can offer slightly different routes which can bring you to Lake Natron; this type of trek is a perfect combination when contemplating an extended 7 to 10 day safari. Supplies can be carried by donkey or vehicle and the camp is moved each day of walking. Plains animals are common in the right season, and to take breakfast with a herd of Zebra passing by is just a perfect way to start the day.

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Northern Pare Mountains


The north Pare mountains are situated 50kms. south-east of Moshi. The mountain are reached via the town of Mwanga.. From Mwanga, a good sand road winds upward to Usangi and Ugweno, the centre of the northern Pare mountains. Small, local factories produce bricks, stoves, pottery and clothes. Some families make local beer, using traditional brewing methods inherited from their grandfathers.

The mountains are among the most fertile in East Africa. High on the mountains are protected natural forests and moorlands which are often sites of traditional forests in the pare culture. In these forests, ceremonies take place and witchdoctor's perform sometimes their activities.

A walk through Kindoroko Forest reserve, a Natural Forest on top of the mountain. Climbs to different mountain peaks where you have excellent views of Kilimanjaro, Lake Jipe and Nyumba ya Mungu (House of God) . Visit to historical relics from the time of tribal war and colonial rule. A View into Pare Culture. Through explanation about various development project in villages, irrigation, soil conservation, afforestation etc.


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Usambara Mountains


The Usambara Mountains are located northwest of Dar es Salaam and are part of an ancient necklace of mountains called the Eastern Arc which is believed to have formed 25 million years ago.

The Usambara Mountains are truly a hiker's heaven with all the natural beauty imaginable to see and welcoming people to meet. There are roads and good paths leading nearly everywhere, and though much of the walking is at the elevations from 5,000 to 7,000 feet; the climbs are rarely demanding.


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